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"The wine of Lescours is a fair wine, a wine for encounters, banquets, joyful, with this surplus of elegance that age softens. And it is also a wine that tells the story of its land".

Castle of Lescours


Flagship of the estate, the Château de Lescours has always conscientiously avoided fashion. No excess wood to respect the primary aromas and perpetuate the tradition of a terroir wine.


The dress is sustained, tinged with garnet. The nose is marked by aromas of slightly jammy red fruits, accompanied by notes of spices and coffee. Rich in Merlot, it offers a supple and generous palate. The tannins are melted and the touch is silky. The finish is long and aromatic.

"L" de Lescours

The "L" de Lescours, our special cuvée, is made exclusively from our oldest vines, harvested by hand, and aged in new barrels.

The carmine color is deep and elegant. The nose is rich and complex, dominated by fruity aromas of undergrowth and autumn. The palate is ample and fleshy with a beautiful, slightly woody finish, full of finesse.

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